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  • lmalave
    Nov 7, 12:13 AM
    You have to consider the problems that Apple has had with heat and portables of late. There would likely be heat issues with such a portable, which makes it even more plausible that Apple won't make such a portable.

    That's why I suggested sometime in 2007 after Santa Rosa.

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  • iMikeT
    Oct 16, 03:54 AM
    Personally the Zune is looking fairly attrective right now. Ever since the 5th Gen iPod came out everyone has complained that it needed to be widescreen and have a bigger screen. I don't care for the WiFi sharing really but you have to admit the interface looks pretty nice.

    Oh yes, a "click wheel" that does not actually have click wheel functions is such a nice interface...:rolleyes:

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  • danielwsmithee
    Oct 26, 06:31 PM
    the key issue in my case was that my macbook couldn't go to sleep or be closed, everytime it woke up, it wouldn't last longer than 3 seconds and then shut down and all of the other known symptoms.

    I ran the firmware upgrade and it works fine now, it's not hot or anything and the fans seem to be working at a normal pace.

    Well, I am grateful for the fact that I don't have to turn in the mac for 5 days or more for servicing... I make a living out of this thingy...:DSome firmware engineer is going to get a very good performance review if this truly does fix the problem. There is nothing a company loves more then finding a way in software to fix a hardware problem and saving the company millions of dollars in repair costs.

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  • 2IS
    Apr 2, 03:29 AM
    My iphone 4 takes better pictures than any high end or low end sony camera I played with at best buy. The camera on the phone is just effing awesome.

    You either played with broken cameras or didn't know how to use them. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone 4 camera is pretty darn good, best I've used on a phone by a long shot, but in no way does it compare to a high end camera. I think maybe you were simply fooled due to the higher DPI of the retna display vs the screen on the digital camera. Rest assured if you look at them using comprable displays or even better, in print, there would be no comparison.

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  • Michael383
    Apr 2, 01:01 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Here's hoping the new iPod touch won't have such a crappy camera.


    This would be a welcome improvement.

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  • �algiris
    May 5, 01:15 AM
    i think you are confused my friend... where did i ever say that? In fact earlier in this thread i said...

    then another poster said

    and you replied

    what does being tied to a single iTunes account have to do with charging your iDevice?

    As for wireless sync and inductive charging... dumb idea imo

    I replied with "so you never charge" to say that even with wireless syncing one will have to charge iDevice at some point (matter of days if it's an iPhone, maybe a week if it's an iPod - both in use not just on a shelf). Why drain battery by syncing when you can charge batter while syncing and with wireless sync that can be done by induction charging which is slow and charger is costly ergo makes little sense. I'm all for wireless sync in addition to current wired method though. One more option is good.

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  • ciTiger
    May 4, 09:52 PM
    It will happen eventually but in the iPad3 already?
    Besides Apple usually pimps up the iPhone before the iPad and the next iPhone won't have 3D...

    Unless they abdicate on the retina display on the iPad and go 3D instead...

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    Oct 15, 03:19 PM
    Did anyone love this quote?

    Yea I saw that...hahahha

    Does Jobs have a new love intrest maybe???

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  • QuarterSwede
    Oct 16, 04:02 PM
    Makes it sound like no video ipod, and yet he released one just a couple months later, even though the big constraints he listed hadn't been eliminated.
    The thing is, it still is suboptimal on the current generation. I believe Apple just added it as just another feature while music is the main priority of the player.

    And vitaboy, I couldn't agree more, well written, excellent post.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 11, 12:49 AM
    Madoff wasn't in the government. That had nothing to do with the government (other than showcasing the joke our regulation system has become) so bringing it up doesn't even make sense.

    As for the G20, do things like that happen often in Canada?

    Also, we need to stop flip flopping between talking about Canada and the USA, or at least do a better job of distinguishing the two when putting numbers out there as it gets confusing.

    I only used Madoff as an example as to how 65 Billion could easily just get squandered and disappear. The Government crooks seem not to get caught as easily as him.

    As for flip flopping Canada and the US ... I think both countries are similar as to how our Governments waste money.

    IMO the answer to our countries sinking financially rests with reckless spending and the answer is not drastically cutting the big services like Military, Education, Healthcare and such.

    There is too much Government feeding at the trough on both sides of the border.

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  • LouieSamman
    Oct 17, 05:54 PM
    The Magic Trackpad rules. Love it. Don't even use the mouse. It seems like you have to move the mouse so far to get it across the screen and with the Magic Trackpad its just gets you around the screen faster.

    I guess it's great, except for 1 thing.


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  • macrumormonger
    Mar 1, 06:21 PM (

    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500)
    Aperture f/4.0
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

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  • Alezan
    Mar 12, 06:04 AM
    Austrian Store is down as well.

    Take note, that Austria is NOT among those countries (US, UK, Germany,...) who are supposed to get iPad's on April 3rd.

    That's quiet a good sign isn't it?

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  • Nuks
    Sep 4, 07:57 AM
    yeah, I wonder if the nanos will be updated, as they are available free with purchase of a mac. If the sizes are all updated, which one would you get for free?

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  • Brandon Sharitt
    Sep 4, 07:26 AM
    Awww and I haven't even gotten tired of my first generation nano yet...

    But if the metal enclosure is as good as those on the minis then I might just have to upgrade. :p

    I still like my first generation Nano, but my girlfriends dog got a hold of it and broke the screen. Luckily I can see just enough of the bottom of the screen to put in on shuffle songs, so it's like having and extra wide black shuffle. I'm waiting update before I buy a new one. Besides, my trusty mini still works too.

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  • CraigEvander
    Mar 21, 07:00 AM
    Well we have to agree it was a long run with many songs. After all 10 yeas is a long period for every gadget these days. Just look at how phones are appearing and disappearing on the market.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 2, 09:07 AM
    I would guess that if they bump the iPhone's camera there is some other benefit since Apple generally doesn't play the specs game. Is 8MP enough for decent 1080p video?

    I didn't think Steve Jobs rated 1080p?

    Has he not said that 720p is good enough for everyone in his opinion?

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  • G58
    Jul 6, 10:47 AM
    Anyone above the age of five knows they'll have their fingers snapped off if they touch my iMac screen... and that includes Lord Jobs!

    And that's not just because he didn't reply to my email!:)

    But seriously, I barfed RAM chips when that stupid broad demonstrated the HP Touchsmart. It's the worst thing I've seen for years. Why would Apple go down that road?

    Page 2...

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  • Mekgek
    Apr 11, 12:42 AM

    Oct 15, 05:31 PM
    I actually like the idea of wireless communication on iPods. They could do it exactly like "sharing"in iTunes. Imagine you sitting somewhere in the underground or bus, taking out your iPod, checking "other iPods" on the main menu, browsing through the playlist and thinking: "hey, this guy/girl has a good music taste". You could see what she/he's listening to ("now playing") and listen to it. And if you see the other person rocking his head to the same song you're hearing, you know it's the right one. And if this person happens to share it's profile (contact information), you can get the phone number etc...

    Kinda like meeting people on the internet by their profile, but here you can just walk up to the person and go on from there.
    Compatible car radios could receive the digital signal streamed from your iPod. No wires, no crappy fm-transmitted sound quality. :)

    PS: "Can I put my earbud into your ear?" is kinda close to "can I put my p*nis into your v*gina?". So I guess girls could be offended.

    Oct 24, 04:51 PM
    I paid the same amount for my current 13.3" but I have 2.13ghz, 128gb ssd, superdrive, apple care, retail leopard and snow leopard rolled into it.

    Plus, you've also got a backlit keyboard (which some of us value a lot) on your MBA. :)

    Aug 3, 07:37 PM

    sleep and echos?
    Is this a joke?
    It must be a joke.

    May 4, 10:06 PM
    Sounds like the source pulled their 'info' from where the sun don't shine, and I'm not even remotely interested even if its true.

    Jan 11, 01:35 PM
    Apple Airlines, a new premium air carrier to buck the trend of the various low cost airlines and cost cutting of services!

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