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  • Lord Blackadder
    Apr 26, 03:08 PM
    Um, yeah, tell me something i don't know. The question we are pondering is why more blacks live in poor areas with high crime rates than other races.

    This is basic history. Beginning in the early 20th century, several waves of black emigration took place from the rural south to industrialized urban centers, primarily in the north. This was known as the "Great Migration" ( (search this on Google Books for plenty of literature on the subject) - this, by the way, also contributed to falling numbers of lynchings by the KKK, because blacks simply fled from areas where such violence was taking place. This was done in order to try and escape Jim Crow as well as find better job opportunities. Just as all minority or immigrant groups do in cities, they tended to concrentrate in the same districts for mutual support. There is nothing specifically "black" about displaced people moving to cities looking for better opportunities. As a group they started at the economic bottom of the barrel, why would be shocked that they their socioeconomic status remains lower than whites, who outnumber them, have far more political and economic power, and have a history of discriminating against them that they is only slowly being reversed?

    Well, seeing how blacks commit more violent crimes than whites

    That is completely false. (

    it seems logical that a white trailer park would be safer than a black ghetto.

    First it was "common knowledge", now it's logic. I still see it as an irrelevant, unproven assertion.

    Name me one single white gang that you've heard of(and not the KKK, they don't terrorize streets anymore, that's sooo 1960's)

    Since when did you get to make the rules? How can we possibly have a useful discussion about race and crime if we can't talk about some of the basic underlying causes for the disparity in wealth and political power in America between white people and everybody else? Why should we forget the 3/5ths clause, Dred Scott, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights movement or the KKK and its children. Not to mention the slave trade that brought these people here in the first place. You might not like to talk about all those things, but you are flat out ignoring or dismissing their impact on current issues - and that is the fatal flaw in your reasoning. Your "ponderings" are based on casual observation and a lack of historical or even contemporary context.

    I don't see how the issue can be boiled down to listing gangs either. Do only gangs commit crime? There isn't a shred of evidence out there that white people are any more or less likely to commit crime than any other race, or that white people are inherently more prosperous or law-abiding than any other race. Focusing on race itself is always a red herring when talking about crime. The real reasons lie in the mechanics of interaction between different groups.

    It's also worth mentioning that over 70% ( of hate crimes involve an anti-black bias.

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  • PerfectlyFlawed
    Sep 22, 04:17 PM
    I hate Walmart, I always have. they make people think they're so cheap. they really aren't cheap at all. they never have sales.

    I wouldn't give a crap if walmart did anything to hurt the film studios. I don't buy movies there anyway because they actually check your ID if its R or unrated. not that I'm not old enough but I sure as hell hate taking my ID out to justify that I'm at least 17. they never have special editions or unrated versions so why the hell does it matter.



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  • citizenzen
    Mar 28, 08:34 PM
    Not being an American, I won't wade into Constitutional issues ...

    Obama is quite within his rights according to the War Powers Resolution ( ...

    The War Powers Resolution requires the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Mar 11, 12:14 PM
    What's fairly obvious is that if ordinary people were in a position to make decisions concerning their community/country/state they would make a far better job than the "expert" economists,legislators,businesspeople and so on who do very well by making a complete balls up of the lives of people in individual countries.

    (-885 billion and 112.5% of SS deficit solved)

    I think the professionals are better educated to make those decisions than we are. It's just one of those things that's easier said than done.

    For me, among other things I'd raise taxes on the rich, cut military by killing expensive but marginal projects like experimental weaponry, temporarily lower funding for technological research related projects for NASA and Green tech. Just from that, I'd have the wealthy, Republicans, the military-industrial complex, scientists, and environmentalists all trying to gut my budget proposal. The political realities outweigh the fact it looks simple on paper.

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  • weg
    Sep 2, 04:14 AM
    My $129 dollar investment in Leopard is going to look like even more of a steal ... :D

    Considering that Windows XP was released in Windows Vista correpsonds to Jaguar+Panther+Tiger, which is 3*129=387, which is much closer to the price of Windows Vista ;-)

    EDIT: And btw., as some other users noted, the $129 for Mac OS X is the price for an update..

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  • whatever
    Nov 27, 11:54 AM
    Sweet! I have a shortage of my favorite Beatles songs on my iPod. Most of my Beatles CDs had at least one scratch that prevented proper ripping into iTunes.

    Apple, you have that fixed in iTunes yet? I'd like to see the Cancel button actually work and also the ability to selectively rip or bypass any one song I want to on my disk.

    What are you talking about? For starters you don't have to rip an entire album, duh!

    Also if a disc is scratched, try this before you abandon ripping it, go into Advanced; choose Importing; check off Using error correction when reading Audio CDs. This will slow the import, but all CDs have redundancy build in, which allows for scratched discs to work.

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  • baleensavage
    Sep 12, 03:49 PM
    The usual answer would be: start with a new source, and compress that to 640x480. If you start with a video that's already 320x240, you can't expect it to look better if you later try to re-encode it to a larger screen size. Can't get data from nowhere... can't get blood from a stone.
    I think the person was referring to content they already pruchased from iTunes store. In which case, as I posted before, I too am wondering this same question. Looks like I will have to send Apple an email.

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  • mrgreen4242
    Jan 11, 03:24 PM
    Expanded wireless iTMS. Videos, rentals, etc.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 14, 01:27 PM
    That would be totally irrelevant.

    Except for Apple, they all build the same old PCs. Because they all build the same product, sales can move from one company to another company very, very quickly, as we can see from the enormous growth followed by a very quick fall of Acer. Apple has 9.3%, so the rest has 90.7%. It would be possible with these numbers to have nine companies selling more than Apple. If Apple doubles their share to 18.6%, you still could have four companies selling more than Apple.

    Right. My point is that Apple's market share is increasing to to increased sales in PC's rather than other companies' failures. As their percentage increases, the number of companies that could possibly simultaneously have greater market share decreases.

    Apple's position in this chart doesn't matter one bit; not even the market share really matters; the thing that matters is how many Macs are sold. If HP takes a few sales away from Toshiba, Apple comes third. But if Acer takes a few sales away from HP instead, Apple comes fifth. What does it matter? (BTW. The IDC report at macobserver shows Apple fourth, with Acer having lost a lot more and coming fifth, not third).

    As Apple's sales increase and the sum of the competitions' decrease, Apple's market share has to increase. They can take away from each other but if they are all losing sales then Apple has to go up.

    If Apple is selling tons of products, in a market with plenty of competitors, how can they be not competitive? 9.3% of buyers in the USA decided that for their money, a Mac is the best computer they can find.

    I see Apple slowly rising to a respectable 15% market share over the next few years. Again, the top market share will likely be below 30% so 15% is very good. 9% is very good. HP may increase market share for a while with decrease overall sales of other windows PC sellers but that won't last. If they break 30% it will be temporary.

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  • epb87
    Mar 8, 01:41 PM
    Here's number 3 of the series, it's an on-going series that I hope to continue for a while.


    Very curious as to how you get all these cups. I keep thinking in my head that there is no way you are taking them out of the garbage, so my next thought is do you work at a coffee house?

    I think it's a neat idea. Interested to see more.

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  • spiv
    Mar 28, 10:19 PM
    I think it's really funny (sad) that all the haters come out against RS. First off could you sound like bigger snots that RS is too lowbrow to buy your apple product from them. They're a retailer, that has survived by evolving when their core business has been decimated by the fact that technology in general is cheaper and more widely available than ever. Not for nothing, but the very products we're all coveting and supporting to no end, have evolved from garage built computers that were probably 90% RS parts!!!

    I'm an Apple believer, and terribly disappointed that living in NYC I can't walk into a company store and walk out with my $800 appliance. Tomorrow morning the RS 1 block from my house will open at 9AM, and I'll walk out in 5 minutes with a product that I haven't been able to get in 3 weeks, after 'stopping' in at least 8 times, only to be turned away. The last time the Apple-droid from bum**** actually told me my best bet was to come back at 5AM and wait on line!

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  • shecky
    Jan 11, 04:34 PM
    for a designer with such a relationship with typefaces as yours you should know that Apple's usual font is Myriad Set and that this is in fact a version of Myriad Set, just the rarely used 'light' version

    see here for comparison:

    yeah, i do know :) . look at my post from page 2:

    it is, i believe Myriad Pro Light. i think banners are usually Myriad Pro semibold.

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 2, 08:22 PM
    Interesting... I was about to edit my last post that Apple's site doesn't claim the Macbook has any slots... I can't see any in the Macbook QTVR images either. looks like it attaches by USB.

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  • iMrNiceGuy0023
    Mar 29, 01:28 PM
    my friend works for Radio Shack, when selling like a phone or mp3 player or camera, associates are kind of pressured to sell an accessory or an attachment along with it

    he usually tells them later they can return the accessories later

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  • NT1440
    Mar 28, 08:25 PM
    There have to be a lot of developers that won't get the opportunity to go because it sold out. Apple needs to start holding 2 of these per year to support the developer community.

    That doesn't make any sense....

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  • rockthecasbah
    Jul 22, 09:23 PM
    meh i don't fancy eBooks, give me a plain ol' paperback or hard cover anyday, even if it is a bit larger :p

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  • wordoflife
    Oct 9, 08:39 PM
    Why do we need a part 13?:confused:

    Oh okay, the other one is closed.

    I dont really have a setup with my Mac since its a laptop and im always moving it about.

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  • bbeers
    Mar 4, 11:35 AM

    Nikon D3100, Nikkor 10-55mm, ISO 100 , 18mm, f/13 , 1/640

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  • dgree03
    Mar 29, 09:06 AM
    Apple would be copying google OH NOEZ!;)

    Jan 11, 04:50 PM
    Honestly, I hope it's just matter of speaking : like "spring is in the air", or can you feel the changes "in the air"...

    I'm totally NOT interested in any wireless products, least of all iPhone announcements or iTunes (or was that iPay :rolleyes:) commercials. Got my belly more than full of that...

    Give me some good Macs, plz pretty plzzz !

    Sep 22, 01:25 PM
    Damn you walmart.

    Jan 11, 04:47 PM
    I have no idea whats coming but this just made me very excited for MWSF. Love the predictions too!

    Amazing Iceman
    Mar 21, 02:27 PM
    Last year a girl from the UK (if i remember correctly) wrote a letter to Jack Sparrow that she would love to meet him as she wanted him to lead a mutiny against her teachers.

    ...and so he did

    Funny, I'll bet PeeWee Herman would also do it for free.

    Oct 15, 03:11 PM
    Before getting slapped... I guess if youre a billionaire you can put earbuds into a strangers ear, but here in Real World USA the results would not be pretty.

    Girl troubles?? ;)

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