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n sync album. N Sync - Live At Madison
  • N Sync - Live At Madison

  • tuftywhite
    Nov 24, 07:06 AM
    All this proves is that Beatles fans like to waste their money repurchasing music they already own just because it's available in a new format. I bet that most of the albums and individual songs sold were purchased by people who already own that album/song.

    I had about 6 albums on vinyl. I don't have a record player anymore and didn't want to buy CDs, that's why I bought the collection on iTunes.

    You can't guess everyone's reasons. Live and Let Live!

    n sync album. than #39;N Sync#39;s “Girlfriend
  • than #39;N Sync#39;s “Girlfriend

  • cocky jeremy
    Nov 2, 11:24 PM
    Who cares about Flash? It's a bloated, poorly written POS and i'd rather not have it. EVER. Hell, i turn it off on my Mac with ClickToFlash and just use H.264 unless Flash is the ONLY option. I wish Flash would just hurry up and die!

    n sync album. N Sync,No Strings Attached
  • N Sync,No Strings Attached

  • bassfingers
    Apr 28, 12:50 AM
    Now if we can come to accept that they're are in fact a number of problems within the black community (at least in the United States, I'm not particularly well aware of whats going on in the UK). I think they're are a number of things that can be done to mitigate the problem.

    First Social Welfare Programs:

    We already have some of these and I'm not particularly well educated on what they provide but these are CRUCIAL. If you don't have a warm place to sleep and food to eat than your odds of being able to improve your situation are basically impossible.

    Greater Availability of Birth Control and Education About the Same:

    There is a reason that there are so many births happening out of wedlock in this community and you can bet it starts with people not using birth control or using it correctly. I would advocate for a greater availability of condoms and in particular the pill to just about anyone who wants it. No the pill doesn't stop the spread of STD's but I think it's a little more moment of total irresponsibility proof.

    I believe there should be social help, but not all help has a positive effect. For instance, after world war two, we started a program to help widows who had lost husbands in the war. Eventually that program expanded to any single mother. That essentially became an incentive to raise children out of wedlock, and the percent of children raised by a single black mother rose from <10% to >35% in just a few years.

    There needs to be social programs, but there also needs to be an incentive to work. People need more incentives to finish out high school. Imagine having poor parenting and no life direction. Eventually you have to choose whether or not to drop out of high school. If you know that the state will take care of every need and even some wants, what incentive is there to finish school? However, if you know that if you don't finish school you'll barely be able to get by, then even with poor role models you will have a greater chance of choosing to graduate.

    A safety net is necessary, but we must make sure that the programs encourage productive behavior, rather than sheltering bad behavior.

    The birth control stuff is a good point. But accidental pregnancies seem to be more of a symptom than the root problem

    Isn't it curious that other minorities who were historically treated extremely poorly in the US (the Irish) rose up the ladder very quickly while it is taking generations for others? One difference to consider is that we did not have social programs for the Irish, and they were forced to work their way up. One of my best friends great-grandparents were dirt poor irish immigrants. They lived off not much more than saltine crackers for years, and now his family is in the upper middle class. They didn't get that way from special treatment from the government. (not saying social programs shouldn't exist. Just saying that they also have the power to take us a step backwards)

    n sync album. N*Sync: #39;No Strings Attached#39;
  • N*Sync: #39;No Strings Attached#39;

  • gameface
    Mar 14, 12:40 AM
    We had a really big shoot this weekend in a couple cool locations for a music video. Took some snaps so I'll share a couple over the next couple of days.


    n sync album. his old group, #39;N SYNC.
  • his old group, #39;N SYNC.

  • AP_piano295
    Apr 27, 06:18 PM
    What I want to know is how gun crime correlates to poverty regardless of race.

    In the United States:


    Hispanics are the poorest demographic in the United States, black people are the second worst off.

    Further the majority of violent crimes committed by Hispanics in the united states are committed by illegals (not necessarily illegal immigrants). This allows for a-lot of the cartel based violence currently going on in Mexico (thanks to America's ridiculous drug laws) to cross the border.

    While inter cartel violence is hardly a mitigating factor it does suggest that much of the violence has little relation to the communities themselves but is instead being imported.

    What bother's me about this issue is that I think a-lot can be done by working with community leaders to curb these tragic issues. But before we can start confronting the issues we need to have an open conversation about them.

    n sync album. N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A
  • N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A

  • Thataboy
    Aug 4, 11:13 AM
    Is WWDC being shown in Apple Stores? I don't see any info on the apple.com/retail pages.

    n sync album. #39;N Sync -Home for
  • #39;N Sync -Home for

  • Jayrcee
    Mar 19, 11:22 PM
    I hope not, I like the classic.

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  • Artista : N Sync Album

  • crudsponge
    Aug 3, 03:59 PM
    Oh ya... he's something cheesie... this has been on my mind for a while. In january, Steve demoed GarageBand and showed how to make PodCast. He did that fake podcast and said 'Hi this is steve, and this is my Super secret apple PodCast' then he proceded to make jokes about the next iPod... he said the next iPod coming out would have a 10 inch screen and weigh 8 pounds.
    Well... Tuesday is 8/10

    Remember 2 years ago when Jobs demoed Spotlight... he searched for 'Paris' then searched for iMac. Sure enough... the iMac G5 was released at Paris.

    I just thought that was interesting.

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  • nsync latest news,

  • jlc1978
    Apr 11, 10:54 AM
    The subscription model is nice for those reasons you mention, and I do see a lot of high end Adobe shops buying into it. It does make sense for them. The small time freelancer is going to be a tough call IMHO.

    i agree - as an independent myself I really have to justify outlays based on revenue potential. I no long can just write a purchase order and spend the corporate cash. OTOH, it has made me more aware of other tools beside the big guys that do what I need at a fraction of the cost.

    I have been looking to see how Adobe will handle the initial software distribution, e.g. do I have to plunk down $xxx.xx amount of money to get the software, then pay $35 a month or whatever for the license? Haven't found anything yet.

    Neither have I, but if the require a cash outlay plus a monthly fee then it'll be a non-starter for many small businesses or freelancers. If they really want their business (and maybe convert some people who use pirated versions) they'd make it a flat fee, pay as you go deal; with maybe a cheaper rate if you buy x months at a time. That would let people jump in and out of the products as they need them, get support from Adobe, and help them decide if they want to buy or continue to rent the software.

    n sync album. #39;NSYNC: quot;POPquot; (June 2001)
  • #39;NSYNC: quot;POPquot; (June 2001)

  • Vantage Point
    Mar 12, 07:35 AM
    Store is open for business. No new MP or MBP today.

    n sync album. Download *NSYNC - Albums
  • Download *NSYNC - Albums

  • Sydde
    Apr 4, 02:02 PM
    Dogmatic belief in the nonexistence of God can be considered a religion.
    Then where is its tax exemption?

    n sync album. `N.Sync.[Celebrity].
  • `N.Sync.[Celebrity].

  • Me1000
    Sep 12, 05:17 PM
    I just installed it and had to update the firmware on my Nano because i had to format it for windows :( but ill have to reformat it back to mac in less than a week lol

    I think its 200 X prettier and cooler than iTunes 6!

    n sync album. Defunct boy band #39;N Sync are
  • Defunct boy band #39;N Sync are

  • StinktOldC
    Oct 15, 03:17 PM
    where would we be without him?

    n sync album. #39;n Sync
  • #39;n Sync

  • dgree03
    May 5, 08:39 AM
    Apple is copying android!? :eek: /sarcasm

    I am sure you will have the option to download over wifi or over 3g(if they establish a patch system)

    Android has been doing this since the beginning, no issues with it in the android community.

    n sync album. N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A
  • N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A

  • MacKarl
    Oct 29, 03:22 AM
    I can't see any differences in temperature, voltage or frequency after the SMC update. I use the coolbook utility to monitor this (http://www.coolbook.se.

    n sync album. #39;N Sync landed the ?Top Album
  • #39;N Sync landed the ?Top Album

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 23, 05:11 PM
    You can save a little money by buying the box set on CD from Amazon, but then your music is in that old-fashioned "hard-copy" format so you have to rip the music to iTunes! :)

    Amazon also sells the mono collection, which I've been contemplating but haven't yet purchased.

    n sync album. N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A
  • N#39;SYNC And Jive Records Host A

  • Spike Spiegel
    Oct 11, 01:40 PM
    all of the mac users i know are casual to hardcore gamers. to say that the mac gaming community is a minority worth ignoring is not true. also, ALL of the mac users i know are more tech saavy than any of the PC users i know, who only use the internet, mail, and counter strike. In my experience, mac users are more apt to tinker with their machines(RAM,hard drives, video cards etc.) I think apple needs to re-evaluate its priorities and put performance before style.

    n sync album. Artist: *NSYNC Album: Home For Christmas Song: The First Noel Jc talk about Nsync album pt.1. Jc talk about Nsync album pt.1
  • Artist: *NSYNC Album: Home For Christmas Song: The First Noel Jc talk about Nsync album pt.1. Jc talk about Nsync album pt.1

  • bill4588
    Oct 27, 08:34 AM
    this update as worked great for me so far! I was having random shutdowns at least 5 times a day and I haven't had one since last night. I also notice that my macbook is cooler (around 35 degrees C), and that's with about 6 programs open. Normally it would be around 60....and after hearing other people say that the built-in speakers are louder, it seems like mine are too....but that's probably all in my head.

    n sync album. by Morrison and #39;N Sync#39;s
  • by Morrison and #39;N Sync#39;s

  • gatearray
    Mar 28, 02:16 PM
    I am glad to see Apple put their product anywhere it can to increase sales and get devices into peoples hands. Not every place has an Apple store, or maybe even a Target or Best Buy close by. Well done Apple!

    Yes, and to all the posters here somehow suggesting that Apple is being inconsiderate to their loyal owners who can't get one yet, while adding a new retailer need a reality check.

    Do you think someone at RS and Apple just made this deal yesterday? It's much more likely that this has been in the works since long before the iPad 2 launched.

    Sep 12, 03:04 PM
    Anyone get the new 'Search' on their 5G ? I have updated iTunes and done the iPod update. Its probably not even a feature I will use much but it's a shame it's not included in the update.

    Any luck with the games on a current 5G ? Would be quite nice to have PacMan

    Mar 9, 08:27 AM
    Well spotted! Very good attempt! I really liked it.

    Thanks! It's much appreciated! :D

    Aug 9, 09:47 AM
    Didn't I tell you yes yesterday? Just buy a copy of Toast 7 for full support. You can also run multiple copioes of Taost 7 on one Mac. I run up to 4 or 5 simultaneously sometimes on my Quad G5 writing DVD Images to multiple HDs.

    Well, I think you said "maybe," but it's all good now. I will put the Plextor DVD-RW Drive in the bottom bay. Question though, I have Toast 7 for Power PC, but will it work alright under rosetta, or do I have to buy a Universal Binary?

    Sep 12, 01:32 PM
    new itunes icon. funky. didnt it used to be this color back at like version 1.0?
    I noted the same thing upon install.

    Apr 13, 03:34 PM
    I am NOT into "talkies" - I think they are called "movies" now? But what excites me, especially as an AAPL investor (mostly at $4/share) is the vision of iSteve and his team. Where the hell would we be if we only had that other fellow...yes, I'm pleased that fellow donates for world health, God bless him....

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