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  • gwangung
    Aug 9, 10:44 AM
    Than what did get hacked?
    The wireless card that was plugged into the macbook.

    I know what youre saying, and they have made it clear, this isnt an attack on macs that allowed this hack. any machine is supposedly open to be 'hacked.'

    Yeah, but their presentation was extremely poor. If it was to show that ANY system could be hacked, why choose a set up that is EXTREMELY improbable and unlikely? It weakens their case and encourages folks to dismiss them.

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  • mwswami
    Aug 8, 12:11 AM
    No remote? No Photo Booth? That's got to be a deal breaker for a lot of folks. ;)

    As for the real world, many professionals have funds to purchase these machines as they will use the speed. It seems to me that most "consumers" are not able or willing to plop down the cash to buy a Mac Pro when an iMac or MacBook or even Mac Mini will more than suit their needs.

    No front row and no photo booth was definitely a downer for me. I expect to see iSight 2.0 with better optics and IR sensor built-in released later this year.

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  • puckhead193
    Sep 14, 11:12 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks the multiplayer stinks? (team slayer) :o
    There's no guns to switch, the jet pack is a total crap I'll just fly around and you can't shoot me and you can't kill me because there is no rocket launcher or laser. Am I missing something?

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  • Skika
    May 5, 03:57 AM
    Dont see any advantages for browsing, mail,...


    gaming and movies in 3D on that screen?:eek:


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  • maclaptop
    May 4, 09:56 PM
    man i wish 3D would just disappear...

    You've said it best!

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  • mjstaceyuofm
    Sep 5, 11:04 AM
    AI is reporting that there is indeed an invitation that just came out for an event tuesday, sep. 12 at 10 am local time.....

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  • Zadillo
    Aug 3, 08:33 PM
    it's really funny to read those posts now. They should be infamous. I wouldn't want to be the one who posted that.

    Heh, yeah. I especially love all the posts about how it was a huge mistake for Apple to get into the mp3 player market (that the iPod would die a quick death and be a colossal failure).

    I think that is the problem when we buy so much into the speculation and hype - Apple releases something that, on the surface, is boring (i.e. "WTF?!?!?!? It's just an MP3 player and not some revolutionary new device?!!?!?!?"), but which has a much greater chance of success than some of the more out there stuff we want them to do. As a former Newton user, for example, I would be ecstatic if Apple did release a Newton 3000 or something, but I also realize that there is a good reason they aren't doing that - there still just doesn't seem to be a widespread market for PDA's at this point. So an MP3 player might be boring, but it turned out to be a very smart move for Apple.

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  • Gimzotoy
    Aug 24, 03:27 PM
    Yeah, low and behold my battery still starts with a W. If I didn't have battery issues I wouldn't be complaining. But as of now my computer doesn't qualify but I DO in fact have battery issues.
    I think every laptop ever made has battery issues. I'm about to get my third for my Rev. B 12" PowerBook if neither of my old ones is covered under this recall.

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  • jimN
    Jan 9, 06:50 PM
    Did anyone else expect a Beatles announcement after all the mentions they got? He played two Beatles songs, name checked a couple of albums and even used their album art in his summary.

    It looked like he was setting up for a by the way kind of announcement, not that the Beatles should ever be mentioned as an aside. Certainly when the first mention of them came up capitalised on the macrumorslive report I thought something might be up but it all came to nothing - why do you tease us so Steve?

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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 13, 09:41 PM
    I'm really excited for the new features, many of which sound great, but I wonder why they couldn't just implement them into the current FCP interface? I'm a heavy Final Cut Pro user and really fast with the current application. I hate to have to learn an entirely new interface.
    Long story short the core of the current FCP code is from the late 90's and there is only so long you can keep patching and bolting things on before you have to blow it up and start from the ground up again.


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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 4, 11:30 PM



    you guys are arguing over nickels and dimes when it really comes down to preference. people who like os x buy it. people who like windows buy it. they dont sit and think about the cost difference between the two for the most part.

    i thought die hard mac os freaks loved it for its functionality and stability, not its price advantage? and windows haters just hate windows no matter what. good for them. im a big whore and ill get the benefits of both. ;)
    I hate Windows because I fight with it at work every day. Windows is why I have a Mac.

    But the point of this thread is the debate over whether Vista will be reasonably priced at $399 for a full install set, vs. $129 for OS X 10.5.

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  • MatthewConnelly
    Nov 8, 06:20 AM
    MatthewConnelly did you refresh your browser every second back then,.. Hehehhee.. Yeah, it just downnn!!
    I guess I checked the UK and US stores just at the right times!

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  • mangoarts
    Sep 12, 02:45 PM
    Movies purchased from the iTunes Store can't be burned to a DVD or VCD that will play in a DVD player or Video CD.

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  • heehee
    Sep 6, 08:34 AM
    Where is the Core 2 Duo in the Macbook Pro? :mad:

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 11:35 AM
    for newer phones i heard Sprint is making people give up the SERO plan

    ahh yes, SERO, thanks knew it had a name haha...

    anyways, after searching the sprint site here is what i've found

    SERO rate plans are no longer available for new line activations, although existing customers are allowed to remain on these plans.

    SERO Basic rate plans are not compatible with most Smartphones. If you upgrade to a Smartphone on one of the following operating systems: Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, Android, Web OS and the Instinct family of devices you will need to upgrade your plan to a SERO Premium rate plan. In addition 4G Smartphone activations will require an additional $10/line/mo. Premium Data add-on charge in addition to requiring the SERO Premium plan.

    So as far as I can tell, as long as you have it you can keep it, and you just need a SERO Premium plan (as opposed to Basic) if you want to have a smartphone and keep your SERO plan. It says you can upgrade though if you are on a SERO Basic to a SERO Premium.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    May 5, 12:09 AM
    Yeah, Blu Ray players are pretty useless because of the PS3, which is usually cheaper and can play Blu Ray anyway. Of course, my dad got a Blu Ray player before I could say anything :rolleyes:

    And I think the digital copy is useless because of Netflix, which can just stream it. The internet is the future for now, not discs.

    I don't know about the digital copy being useless. I have netflix and I also add movies to itunes. I see them as complimentary. Some items I do not care to purchase and it is nice to have netflix. On the other hand I like owning movie and TV shows that I really like. Also netflix doesn't have everything I want. And don't forget when traveling, you don't always have good internet.

    The Apple TV is nice because it accesses both netflix and my itunes media.

    Anyway movies I really like, I tend to buy physical copies anyway and rip them to add to itunes. The digital copy/blu ray is better as I can play the 1080p version once in a while and access it on the computer/ iOS anytime.

    I'm looking forward to the release of Lord of the Rings extended edition coming out this summer on blu ray. I believe that has digital copy too.

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  • anthonylambert
    Jun 25, 07:55 AM
    That is what people aren't understanding. They see something and imagine it being the same design despite function changing. If they do touchscreen, it won't be long (if not instant) before they redo how it sits on the table.

    A design that allows the screen to go relatively flat and vertical is necessary. This design should have been done already 3 years ago.

    Surely this new device will be wedged shaped like a large slice of cheese or indeed a very deep keyboard where the keys are the screen....

    You would need to use or enhance your LCD to be viewable from a ~45 degree angle. Ideally tweek it so it worked well at an angle rather than square on.

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  • nemaslov
    Oct 16, 01:11 PM
    You killed your mother because your friends laughed at you :eek: :confused: :p


    NO, She died of natural causes BUT (TRUE STORY) on August 29th, 1966 a friend showed up at my house at 6PM with two tickets to see the Beatles at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. My mother said I could not go becuase I had a drum lesson at 7PM and unless it was cancelled a day in advance, we'd have to pay. So I missed what became the last official concert the Beatles ever played.

    I no longer play the drums :confused: AND my mother is dead. :(

    see not everyone here is 23...

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  • SeattleMoose
    Nov 23, 06:05 PM
    sorry...but her stuff is light years ahead of that old outdated sound.

    Nov 7, 03:32 AM
    Oh come on. How often do we actually have to access our optical drives? While you may do so often, many of us almost never do and would be happy to attach an external drive every now and then or even access the disc we need over the network.

    The optical drive in my laptop broke a few months ago. I haven't missed it much. The one time I did need it, I hooked up my external drive, so it is necessary to have one.

    Nov 7, 12:44 PM
    I must say that Apple must have a lot of surplus in MBs. The MB I bought 4 days ago at the Christiana Mall Apple Store was made a month ago in China.

    Apr 14, 06:33 PM
    Reality is that the iMac will get the job done, with plenty of speed, beautiful, and reliable, much better than the $750 PC. For jobs that it can't get done, sorry mate, there is a reason why each processor in the Mac Pro alone costs a lot more than the whole $750 PC.

    You do realize that Intel lists the processor (W3530) ( in the entry level Mac Pro uses for $294? And that the processor is a generation behind and significantly slower than the $750 PC (using an i7-2600 processor which also lists at $294) I mentioned? Right?

    I'm as big of an Apple fan as there is. I've owned more than 2 dozen different Macs over the years dating back to the mid 80's. The license plate on my car is "MAC GUY". I paid my way through college programing on them mostly in HyperCard. I own more Apple stock than any other company's stock in my portfolio. But I'm also realistic enough to see that in some areas Apple is not price/performance competitive and probably will never be.

    I hate car analogies but yeah a $50K Lexus is better than a $20K GM, but for some people it is not and will never be worth 2-3x the cost. Some people don't need or want to pay the premium for a car that can parallel park itself or rear heated seats! ;-) Lexus has a cap on what their marketshare could be no matter how great their product is which was my original point about Apple.

    Nov 8, 09:37 AM
    Still no REAL GPU? Yawn

    Aug 8, 12:30 AM
    it does not even make sense to put a phone there, since when can phones do RSS? Its just really fishy tt it is placed alongside the ipod and itunes. Many web capable phones can get RSS streams...

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