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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 26, 09:41 AM
    Not gonna dabble in this hot-button topic, but I did find the banner ad at the top of the page quite amusing. :)

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  • michielrutjes
    Jan 11, 04:44 PM
    3G/UMTS, that's what's in the air! And now all we need is an iPhone that supports it. ...and is available in the Netherlands...

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  • Slurpy2k8
    Mar 22, 10:00 AM
    My wife said no too and this even includes my wish for one for my upcoming bday to get one.

    Your wife said 'no'?

    You know, this is a question that I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and this is not directed only at you, but to all responses similar to yours I've seen on such topics. It's an honest question I have, because it just blows my mind:

    What the hell kind of relationship do you people have with your spouses?? I mean, seriously??! You need their explicit PERMISSION to buy something you want, with your money, and it gets to their point of people BEGGING their wives to let them buy something, only to be turned down?! How the hell do you get yourself into this kind of dynamic? The only plausible reason that a wife may be against it is if you guys are so short on cash, that $500 will break the account and drive you into poverty? And if this is the case, then you people should have a bit more responsibility than to beg your wives to let you buy something that you clearly can't afford. If you CAN afford it, and it is your $$, then why the hell do you even need to ask your wife in the 1st place, and what right does she have to refuse you? Do your wives make all the money? An iPad isn't a car or a house that needs to be a consensual and debated purchase. Your wife shouldn't have the ability (nor the desire) to stop you from buying one.

    This is honestly something that Id like an answer to. Some of you seem to have a 'child/parent' relationship, instead of husband/wife. If she's the breadwinner of the house, and you mooch of her, fine I'd understand. But if you bring in the $$? Sounds like a disturbing and cold relationship. Why does she get to dominate you and dictate your decisions, void of any debate or discussion?

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  • doberman211
    Mar 19, 04:52 PM
    Interesting how things change, the forum following the iPhone launch couldn't have been any more different;

    Amazing how things change over time, from Apple should do gadgets and just focus on computers, to this in less than six years!

    Who cares old man, i'm not looking for threads from 6 years ago. this is the evolution of tech. you dont need to keep specifying that things have been talked about in the past. start a recollections thread or something. you;re the what? fifth whos said that? It's annoying. The past is history.

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  • Lotso
    Mar 29, 11:31 AM
    And this is one of the big reasons why I'm doubting this rumor about LTE.

    The technology on the carrier end of things is still nascent, at best. I don't think Apple would invest lots of time and money to launch technology that would be barely functional upon launch.

    I had always assumed that the 2012 iteration of the iPhone would be the very first to have LTE because that would give both the carriers and Apple enough time to work out the kinks.

    I think it's vastly more probable that bloggers are becoming antsy about the lack of verifiable iPhone rumors compared to this time last year. Apple has probably tightened up their leaks and speculators are left on the sidelines throwing out inconsistent theories.

    I'm still betting that we see a modest bump the iPhone 4's specs, the white version, and increased storage capacity and this will be the iPhone 5.

    Thank you! Finally some sense.

    AT&T doesn't even have LTE deployed yet. They say on the official At&t FAQ ( that LTE will start being deployed by the middle of 2011. Even if Apple waited until September the LTE would just be getting started and the coverage would be too lacking.

    LTE iPhone is in 2012

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  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 12, 10:46 AM
    Why'd you get a MacBook Pro 13" if you have the iPad. I would have gotten the 15" or an iMac/Mac Mini in that case...

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 29, 10:51 AM
    Ok, I see your point. But when does the consumer stand up and say "I DON'T WANT WINDOWS ON MY COMPUTER" and force the Dells to load something else besides Windows. If the OS was so undesirable, the consumer would have been up in arms. Dell sells computers with Linux preloaded, but I don't see Linux making any dent in anyones armor.
    You missed my point. Microsoft makes many of its billions by selling directly to OEMs, who have no choice but to buy the latest Windows OS from Microsoft. This insures that every one of Microsoft's OS releases is a automatic "success." They sell billions worth, no matter how undesirable it may be in reality.

    I'm going to stop, dont want be called a troll, just making convo.

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  • jagolden
    Oct 29, 07:38 PM
    the key issue in my case was that my macbook couldn't go to sleep or be closed, everytime it woke up, it wouldn't last longer than 3 seconds and then shut down and all of the other known symptoms.

    I ran the firmware upgrade and it works fine now, it's not hot or anything and the fans seem to be working at a normal pace.

    Well, I am grateful for the fact that I don't have to turn in the mac for 5 days or more for servicing... I make a living out of this thingy...:D

    I second instadan. MacBook was working fine until the last Apple update, then started RSS.
    After the new update it's fine. Running same temp a previously and fans also working as previously. Happy (for now).

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  • SpinThis!
    Nov 2, 05:03 PM
    I bet Adobe got sick of all the support e-mails asking them "why doesn't flash download on the iPhone?!" Previously, on Adobe's website you could get all the way up downloading the file and mobile Safari would obviously say the file isn't supported. Adobe should have done this from the beginning.

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  • someoldguy
    Mar 8, 08:18 AM
    Was able to score a virtually unused M8 a few weeks ago . Tried it out in Midtown and Central Park . Gotta get used to using a rangefinder again .

    M8 , 35/2 , iso 320 , 5.6@1/350

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  • morpheus256
    Sep 12, 02:05 PM
    Can we get the new ones with the school promotion?
    nope, i called the store, and they will not do the new nano's with the school discount, but aparently they will do the new videos :confused:
    seems kinda sly to unload the old nanos on poor students.

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  • anastasis
    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Hmmm... no edu discounts on any of the new iPods. wonder if that will change once the promotion is over.

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  • dttyszka
    Aug 7, 11:42 PM
    * An unconfirmed forum post claims ( that the Mac Pro CPUs are swappable.

    An Apple sales rep via the Apple Store chat applet answered this same question for me earlier. Keegan's response was:
    "Great question! This would definitely not be supported, but it may certainly be possible."

    I would interpret that as: This is normal PC hardware for the most part, so sure the procs are replaceable, but don't expect Apple to be in the market of selling you processor upgrades and your warranty is gone if you make any such modifications.

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  • tveric
    Nov 7, 02:34 PM
    eg. 24" iMac: Did anyone really believe that that one would become a reality? (don't answer is a redundant question).

    You mean rhetorical, as opposed to redundant?

    If you're gonna try to use big words, at least act like you know what they mean.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 10, 10:42 PM
    Uh... why? You would put your country in our economic tailspin of disaster to have a bigger military for the off-chance Russia invades? :D

    we have our own economic tailspin to deal with ... and our taxes are already sky high.

    instead of riding on the US Military coat-tails ... I would rather we put in a bigger share

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  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 12, 10:46 AM
    Why'd you get a MacBook Pro 13" if you have the iPad. I would have gotten the 15" or an iMac/Mac Mini in that case...

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  • IronLogik
    Nov 12, 10:54 AM
    I respect the fact that he and any developer can do what ever they wish, and move on to do other things, but to use the review process as your excuse is lame. Sure, everyone knows and agrees it's a bit harsh of a process, but he's leaving exactly why? Because it's a 2 week wait for approval? Because Apple polices content to make sure it won't hinder performance on the device? The developers all know the rules, and not much has changed from day one. I understand frustration, but this is a bit extreme to prove a point. There are better ways to go about it.

    Just my opinion...

    I think he did a great job on the app, and I'm disappointed he's walking away from it.

    I can totally understand his frustration. His job is to make his application better. When there is a big bug that sneaks into the application but isn't caught before the release of the app. You discover it after several people complain (and several in FB terms is probably thousands) but you can fix the problem in an hour. But then you need to wait 2-3 weeks for the application to be approved by apple. In the mean time you can't do jack **** because the app store is completely controlled by Apple. Oh and the user has to deal with the bug until Apple approves the update which at the current rate can be anywhere from a week to three weeks (or more as noted below).

    His job is made harder because of Apple's BS. Why would you want your job to be harder than it needs to be? Of course you don't want your job to be harder. So why say that his job should be any different than your own.

    Nevermind the other developers out there like Cerulean Studio's who haven't heard a single peep from Apple about their Trillian app for the iPhone for over 3 months. THREE MONTHS.

    It's pretty clear that while one developer has the capability to be reassigned to better things, not all developers are. As a result he chose to make his life easier. Others can't, but my guess is that if they had the choice they too would switch away from the App Store.

    Look at Steven Frank (from Panic) who tried to ditch the iPhone for philosophical reasons as well. He wasn't able to leave. But my guess is his success rate would be higher now with the newer Android devices (Droid and Droid Eris/Hero).

    This isn't just one developer having problems. It's a LOT of big developers who are seeing issues. meanwhile more fart apps, flashlight apps and trash are loaded up on the store for no good reason. But those who actually want to make your life easier are getting nothing but grief (or in the case of Cerulean Studios' NOTHING).

    Look at the bigger picture is what I'm saying.

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  • Ubuntu
    Sep 13, 02:07 PM
    I just bought one of the silver ones and I really like it. It feels just like a mini to touch and the packaging reminds me of the sort of boxes you got Times watches in. It's syncing up all my music as I type :)


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  • superted666
    Aug 3, 05:26 AM
    maybe i miss understood that but there using a 3rd party wireless card, so not the one in the macbook?

    also there on the same network as he has setup the ip's already....

    Oct 12, 03:28 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Apple cares (at least to the degree that they want you to have enough reasons to buy), and I think the issue is mainly with Motorola.

    However, I don't think any of us could honestly say whether it's because Motorola can't, or simply won't, put out the speeds and volumes that Apple would like. The G4 is indeed clock-limited (the higher the number of pipelines, the harder it is to speed them up); at the same time, they've gradually been disinterested in the CPU market. Their financial situation hasn't helped either.

    It's difficult for me to blame IBM; yes, for the longest time they've been reluctant to include vector multimedia extensions (i.e. VMX, or something eerily similiar to Altivec) in a desktop-oriented PPC, but there hasn't been much doubt as to their capabilities for manufacturing. They said last year that they could get the G3 (in the 750FX version) up to 1 GHz, and they presumably didn't simply because it would have killed incentives to get the Powerbook. A lot of the speculation about the flat-panel iMac in late 2001 was that the iMac would have a 1 GHz G3 processor.

    Now that IBM seems to be including VMX in their desktop Power4 variant, I wouldn't be surprised if IBM gladly stepped in and gave the lineup a good kickstart.

    Nov 8, 08:00 AM
    Isn't it only a �30 drop - only done it so that it appears to be under a grand. Its not a significant drop - shame really, because its still so much more than the white one!

    It's only �20 more now than a same-spec white one. Cheaper than before I think.

    Aug 3, 02:04 PM
    There's precious little details on what the actual exploit is, so no.. I don't think anyone here knows, yet.

    Yeah, I bet there are no more details released on the vulnerability until a patch is released.

    Apr 4, 04:35 PM
    Uhm, yeah. Saying "this is not true and that's it" is no different than "this is true and that's it."

    That doesn't make it a religion though.

    Your best friend may not have been raised by his parents with religion, but the society in which he was raised is influenced by Judeo-Christian values. Even atheists often display Judeo-Christian values because of the effect of society around them.

    Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying we need religion to raise children, but we better have a moral code of some kind to replace it with.

    Society isn't based on Judeo-Christian values though. Rather, Judeo-Christian values are based upon society. Religion just fits in with the times. If all religious people read the Bible literally they would stone me on site for being an atheist, they would hate homosexuals. Instead, people pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like based upon their own morality. The Bible has remained the same for 2000 years, yet look at the change in society in just the last 100- women's rights, gay rights, civil rights etc.

    You stated earlier that without guidance children would grow up to be selfish and violent. This is quite untrue. As I said earlier some higher primates show morality. Some children would grow up to be violent, but some would not. No amount of religion or lack of religion will change that.

    Doctor Q
    Nov 23, 05:11 PM
    You can save a little money by buying the box set on CD from Amazon, but then your music is in that old-fashioned "hard-copy" format so you have to rip the music to iTunes! :)

    Amazon also sells the mono collection, which I've been contemplating but haven't yet purchased.

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