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  • Ugg
    Mar 12, 07:06 PM
    In a free and prosperous market, business exists and is done solely because it is profitable. When it ceases being profitable, it must be stopped. To keep pouring 100 units of money into something for the sake of getting 10 units of money out via payroll can only end in one thing....failure. (I'm using 'units of money' as a general example)

    One of the greatest travesties of our time is that too many people think that economics is a scientific endeavor rather than a branch of sociology.

    Believe it or not, some businesses, especially those that are family owned, exist solely to provide social welfare.

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  • TheMacFeed
    Oct 11, 06:19 PM

    I like this a lot. Doesn't that light make a glare?

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  • inertiat
    Mar 14, 06:49 PM
    Even though I'm in the market for one, I don't mind this. The longer it stretches out, the higher the chances that we'll see a significant upgrade in some unforeseen dimension. I'd prefer waiting a bit and getting something awesome in the feature set than getting the incremental update we've all been expecting since the first of the year.

    USB 3.0 :o

    Personally I don't see the point of buying the MBP when it's updated if it doesn't have USB 3. Why only go half way? Like Core2Duo, USB 2 is outdated and USB 3 has been out on the PC market for some time, and as a power user it'll mean a lot to me in the future. So I wouldn't buy into this new generation of CPUs if it doesn't have the new generation of portable storage controllers.

    If Apple announce i7 with USB 3 next week I'll be the first in line. If not, I'll wait 6 months for the next refresh. Seems to make sense compared to being stuck with USB2 for years to come, just like C2D now.

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  • skinnylegs
    May 5, 11:25 AM
    I don't understand all of the negative comments but OK.....

    That said, I'm not buying the statement that 3D TV is a fad. Emerging technolgy? Sure. Fad? No way. It's a natural evolution that is at or in reach of Joe Consumer. BTW, check out LG's new brand of 3D TV's. They use the same type of glasses you use in a theater setting. Also, it is important to remember that all content gives you the *option* of viewing in 3D. It's not mandatory.

    As far as a 3D capable iPad; I'm all for it. It's not about reading email or browsing the web in 3D. That would be kinda stupid. It's about games and books and cool UI's.

    That darn floppy drive just won't seem to die.....

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 11:01 AM
    Who says that they have to honor Grandfathering of Plans?

    did you read the first 9 words of my post? :confused::confused::confused:

    here i'll repost it for you:

    I don't know if they "legally" are required to

    I was just saying, this is what they do...

    Hell I even remember when the Palm Pre was released on Sprint talking with some people who had some premier type account (don't remember the name) from way back when that was not offered anymore, and even they got grandfathered in....

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  • MrNomNoms
    Mar 25, 12:40 PM
    Any chance of full change log? Haha guess that's too much to ask......

    I wouldn't expect a 'full changelog' from Apple given it isn't something that they really do - to the disappointment of many unfortunately.

    Still no Verizon version?

    Seems like Verizon isn't getting the love as AT&T is getting. :cool:

    I'd say that Verizon maybe blocking the update because they want to make sure that all hell doesn't break loose once it is released. It would be interesting to see what the justification is, maybe 5.0 will be the 'big change' for iOS on AT&T and Verizon phones?

    I hate how you have to download the entire OS every time there's a small update like this. 666MB for a few bug fixes... Also, what's up with the 666MB? Maybe we should stay away from this update guys lol.

    This has been a problem ever since the App Store appeared to; on the Mac one is told to re-download a 4GB application for a few piddly updates in much the same way one is forced to re-download the whole operating system. I do wonder what their rational actually is - when they recompile the whole operating system they're unable to create a piecemeal patch (difference between the new version and old version)? That when they update one thing there is an ABI change that requires the whole thing to be re-installed?

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  • Gatesbasher
    Apr 13, 03:51 PM
    But...but...but...this is only "iMovie Pro"! Apple's dumbing it down! No "professional" would spit on this if it was on fire! A buncha internet blowhards said so, so it must be true!

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  • Caitlyn
    Sep 4, 09:32 AM
    ThinkSecret is generally dead on when it comes to things like this. So, it'd be great if they released an updated 23" iMac. I just got a 5G iPod 30GB in July and am happy with it so I don't need a new 'pod. And yes, I just got a new MacBook 2 weeks ago, but for future purchases, a 23" iMac would be neat.

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  • G58
    Jul 6, 10:47 AM
    Anyone above the age of five knows they'll have their fingers snapped off if they touch my iMac screen... and that includes Lord Jobs!

    And that's not just because he didn't reply to my email!:)

    But seriously, I barfed RAM chips when that stupid broad demonstrated the HP Touchsmart. It's the worst thing I've seen for years. Why would Apple go down that road?

    Page 2...

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  • gglockner
    Mar 28, 12:00 PM
    People still shop at Radio Shack for more than just oddball connectors, batteries, etc.?

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  • rata911
    Mar 11, 03:20 PM
    9to5 revoked their statement...

    Update: We've received multiple tips that there would be Pro updates in the coming days. This latest one about the MacBook Pros may have been fake. Shame on us.

    Edit: Sorry, Esquare was a nano-second earlier than me :P

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  • Nym
    Oct 30, 10:59 AM
    I have to say I mainly agree with Jobs on this one.
    Microsoft is encouraging "nerdiness" while Apple is telling you to live your life and interact with one another.
    I guess his point is that the world has become a colder place, with serious lack of human contact promoted by the internet and the digital content that surrounds us. I'm all in favor to true human interaction, switching earbuds and etc, do we really need to send something to someone that is 5 feet away? Just get up and go there... And c'mon, whoever is saying that they're disgusted of putting on someone else's earbud is just being paranoid and picky, like the "shark attack" and "killer bee's" danger, it's just in your head, you ain't getting AIDS from an earbud...

    IMO people need to get out more, talk to each other and stop doing everything wirelessly and digitally. :rolleyes:

    JOBS RULLLLLZZZZ! (I lost it now...)

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  • bousozoku
    Sep 22, 04:45 PM
    I hate Walmart, I always have. they make people think they're so cheap. they really aren't cheap at all. they never have sales.

    I wouldn't give a crap if walmart did anything to hurt the film studios. I don't buy movies there anyway because they actually check your ID if its R or unrated. not that I'm not old enough but I sure as hell hate taking my ID out to justify that I'm at least 17. they never have special editions or unrated versions so why the hell does it matter.



    It's appropriate to check identification for age, whether it's movies, music, or video games. What's wrong with doing the right thing?

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  • motulist
    Oct 15, 03:49 PM
    Can you imagine what this wireless zuneing feature will be like in the real world? I bet they haven't come up with a way to make the wireless feature only try talking to the zune you want it to, so it'll try talking to any other zune within the proximity of the wireless transmission capability.

    You'll be walking down a crowded street in a hurry trying to get your music playing when all of a sudden a box will pop up over your interface "User s8trBoi wants to send you the song "Skate or Die" by "The Snotty Adolescent Band." Do you want to accept?" You think wtf? Then suddenly it disappears and a new box pops up that says "Connection Lost, would you like to try again? [retry] [cancel] [stop] [close zuneing port]" After this keeps happening you click [close zuneing port], which turns off the wireless capability on your zune. Then you can't share songs anymore, and the pref to turn it back on will be buried under a complex interface. So the wireless capability will be used for all of a week for most people.

    Then maybe spammers will realize that this is a whole new fertile ground for their sludge. So you'll be walking down the street and suddenly a box will pop up over your interface that says "User "*BUY CHEAP VIAGRA*" wants to send you the song "ONLY 5 DOLLARS PER BOTTLE!!!" by "WWW.WE-R-SPAM.COM" Do you want to accept?"

    Zune sounds like a great new world. Thanks Microsoft.

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 12, 12:55 PM
    Same discussion all the time.

    People that suggest to build plants in the US aren't doing their homework.

    Made in USA doesn't mean the quality is better or worse, neither does it mean that Americans would be getting jobs because of it.
    Some percentage, but not all!

    Quality depends on the manufacturers controls.
    Mercedes, Toyota etc. are all building quality products in the US.

    There are not even enough workers with low assembly qualifications, so for a plant of that size the jobs would mostly go to immigrants, NOT Americans.

    Then there is money a resource that is like a rare element gas. The slightest sign of trouble and it disappears and goes where there is no trouble.

    Brazil will make no trouble, neither do other countries.

    The government here is too fragmented in it's opinions to unite and pass laws that make production in the US worthwhile.

    For that matter none of them have economic backgrounds and just preside over status quo, Republican or Liberal.

    About 95% of all the tax money coming in is spent before it even hits and then some.

    As the president's friend (an accountant) said in the movie DAVE:

    If I would keep my books like they (the government) do , they'd throw me in jail.

    It's an international world, intertwined by money.

    So, enough with this buy American or MADE IN USA stuff. It's all about money and that will be made wherever it's FREE from too many taxes, restrictions and regulations.

    Then Apple should take a hard look a QT.

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  • michielrutjes
    Jan 11, 04:44 PM
    3G/UMTS, that's what's in the air! And now all we need is an iPhone that supports it. ...and is available in the Netherlands...

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  • Xibalba
    Mar 14, 05:31 PM
    I'm still very happy with my late 2008 MacBook but I am very ready for the next iMac revision...

    And of course my iPads on order...

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  • Krevnik
    Mar 25, 03:10 PM
    I know. It's insane... Hopefully with iOS 5 we will get some sort of patch system, like on OS X. Makes sense, really.

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  • kalisphoenix
    Aug 7, 11:54 PM
    Notice the phone besides the ipod and itunes? This page is about podcasts and what is a phone doing there alongside ipod and itunes? Does this spell something
    about what we all wanted from apple: the iphone? Just my 2 cents. Leopard rox!

    What kind of phone is that? Just a mockup?

    May 5, 02:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    What about AT&T customers? :(

    I am also on AT&T for 2 iPhone 4's and my iPad 2 with AT&T 3G (unlimited data); make sure that if you still have your unlimited data plan for your iPhone or iPad not to give it up no matter what :apple:

    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Seemless playback is great, but my soundtracks are not listing right, they display every song separate.

    Mar 29, 11:57 AM
    I'm not sure how you can call the iPhone 4 a "POS". I've had all the iPhones and it is MUCH better in about 10 different ways. Don't listen to all the stupid BS about the antenna... I've NEVER had the issue unless I sat they and tried to do it exactly as told. Even then, minimal. iPhone 4 has many more features, and even just the design, makes the previous ones look like toys.

    If I were involved in the design and heard comments like that, I'd be offended. Or actually, probably just ignore it, since the person saying that doesn't know what they're saying... sorry to be mean, but I just don't get it.

    I could cause the antenna to lose all its bars by placing my one finger on the antenna... Thats ridiculous. And anyone who has one, on the At&T network and says "I've never dropped a call" is a fanboi in the worst way and flat out lying. All my iPhones, - and even non-iPhones - on AT&T's network drop calls period, all the time. Even if the antenna design was perfect on the iPhone 4, it would drop calls because of At&T's network, so yea... I don't believe that in a second.

    Not to mention all the problems people were having with the screen, and the proximity sensors... and thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there is/was more. Also, I refused to buy another iPhone that didn't have more than 32 GB of space, since I'm currently maxing out the capacity on my current 32 GB iPhone. Thus, I decided not to upgrade to avoid dealing with all that. Really, the 4 was just problems and a few spec increases. The increased resolution of the display means nothing to me without a larger screen, and the 3GS was fast enough at the time. The one and only thing that I would have enjoyed is the bump in RAM.

    Also, design-wise, I'd take the original iPhone over any of the others. It's too bad the AL causes havoc with radio signals. I would think someone who supposedly had all the iPhones would agree. And at least not think it looked like a "toy".

    Good thing your not a designer, since when you designed crap and people called you out on it you'd be offended. :rolleyes: You'd probably not be able to emotionally handle it.

    And I 100% know what I'm talking about. Because I have an Anti-Apple opinion doesn't mean I'm ill-informed and I don't know what I'm talking about. I've worked on and dealt with enough electronics to have an informed opinion.

    Nov 7, 02:28 PM
    imho the reason why apple hasnt filled the void of a 12"powerbook equivilent is because they plan on expanding their overall product range. more portable notebooks, tablets, etc. all in the scope of vision

    This thread has, to the best of my knowledge, managed to stay tablet free up until now...thanks for contaminating a great thread with pie in the sky. :D

    I agree, however, that for Apple to gain a faster growth of market share gain, they will need to continue to expand their various lines.

    eg. 24" iMac: Did anyone really believe that that one would become a reality? (don't answer is a redundant question).

    Sep 22, 11:33 PM
    It's worth the effort to read the Update. Reuters articule (

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